11 Things To Do During Pregnancy!

11 Things To Do During Pregnancy!

1. Keep a Pregnancy Diary!

You are pregnant before taking a test did you feel it? What did you do first when you got your test result? How is your weight gain? When did you feel your baby’s first kicks? What are you craving for? What about your dreams, how are they? Have you started having different dreams?…. Write down all the dates, feelings, expectations, dreams, experiences. If you say I can’t take notes, create little little pregnancy videos then!

2. Consult a Dietitian!

Your unborn baby, required You have to pay attention to your diet in order to transfer nutrients and vitamins. For the health of your baby, you should say goodbye to certain foods for a while, and some foods must be cooked well. Additionally, there are nutritional supplements that you should buy from the outside. Of course, in order to have a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to keep weight control! It is best to consult a professional for all these nutrition details. In summary, we recommend that you work with a dietitian for a correct pregnancy nutrition program .

3. Capture / Take Pregnancy Photos!

Professional every week It may not be possible to have a pregnant photo taken, but you can get support from professional photographers, at least monthly. Also, photographing yourself weekly from the same angle, if possible, can also help you create a great pregnancy album .

If you would like to work with a professional pregnancy photographer, you can check out our Pregnant Photographer page.

4. Play Sports!

Of course run, jump, we don’t say jump. When we say sports during pregnancy ; We are talking about activities that are highly recommended by experts such as pregnancy pilates, walking and swimming that will not tire you and will add health to your health. We also recommend that you evaluate your activities with your obstetrician at the beginning of your pregnancy and periodically.

The amount of time you need to do during each trimester or even each week of pregnancy may be different. Without a doubt, it’s best if you exercise under the control of an expert team.

5. Work with Birth Photographer!

Working with a professional photographer can help your unique birth story crown with a beautiful shot. Let the excitement of the whole family before birth, the moment of a miracle happen, and the tears running down the cheeks after birth, all but all of them in your story!

For this, you can view our Birth Photographer page and search for the photographer you would like to work with.

6. Attend Courses!

Pregnancy schools, preparation for parenthood courses, childbirth preparation courses … With all these courses, you can give information about what you need to know as you move from pregnancy to motherhood. No matter how many books you turn over about pregnancy and parenting, the courses that will give you practical information and what to do in which situations can be very helpful to you.

7. Do Research on Cord Blood!

In recent years, the mother One of the topics that prospective fathers research most is cord blood banking … If you prefer to extract stem cells for storage and then collect them for treatment when necessary, you have to make the final decision.

8. Edit Baby Shower!

One of the organizations is baby shower parties! Because the aim is to get together with close friends before birth, have a good time, share baby excitement!

Before organizing this party, 8 Decorating and Decoration Suggestions to Inspire Moms to Have a Baby Shower Party! We recommend that you look at our article.

You can get information about the implementation of these ideas from the companies on our Organization and Decoration page.

9. Organize Your Baby Life!

Here are some of the most critical issues. someone! Even though you might not have everything going as planned, you still have a good plan for the postpartum period! What will you plan? If there are family elders who will stay at home after birth, to determine the dates, if you have agreed with the caregiver, the daily plans, the things to do, the responsibilities, the people who will be supported for daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning, especially in the first weeks …

Take a Weekend Getaway with your spouse!

Unfortunately, you will have very limited time to spare for each other with your spouse. That’s why we recommend that you plan a weekend getaway with your spouse to have a good rest before the birth, have peaceful times together, and take walks.

11. Get Support from the Postnatal Baby Nurse!

Although you have received training and read books on topics such as baby care, breastfeeding, and baby health before birth, a professional support will be much more relaxing for you. . “How should I do my breast care ?, I wonder if I can breastfeed my baby properly? How do I care about the belly? ” Your questions will also be answered easily during the application phase!


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